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Genesix Digital's Print Shop

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a one-stop solution for all your stationery needs!

We help you create your own business stationery set to enhance your brand and make a big first impression on clients.

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From business stationery to posters and invitation cards, we print everything and bring any design on paper. Here are the most common items we print:

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Our Print Packages


If you already have a design:

If you don’t have a design:


Make Up Your Mind

Decide on one of
our packages above.



Get your order within a day!



Choose among the packages or call us for a customized order (check the
“What we print” section).


Send Files

Send us your design sketch and content you want to print on paper.


Make Up Your Mind

Decide on one of
our packages above, plus every item’s specs (size, material, etc.)


Design + Print

Call to order a “design & print” combo, providing your brand information so we can start designing a layout for your stationery items.


the design

Wait until our team comes to you with an initial pattern, revise if needed, and then finalize the order.



Get the stationery items right at your place.

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Why Choose Us?

Quality Papers

We use quality papers for your prints because we understand your office items’ material is part of your brand identity.

Next-Day Delivery

No matter your print volume, you’ll get your orders the next day. Are you in a rush? Call us before 12 and get it the same day!

Free Shipping

Too busy to pick up your prints? Use our free delivery service within the area to save both money and time!

Print and Design Combo

From designing layouts to bringing them on paper, Genesix Digital is always here to serve you. No matter if you don’t have a depiction, we’ll design, print, and create your stationery items.


We offer customizable prints, meaning you can choose from various sizes, paper material, fold, and color options
(go to
“What We Print” for more information).


How Do I Get Stationery for My Business?

To have business stationery, all you need is a text, a designed layout, and a print shop to bring them on paper. If you don’t have any of them, tell us about your business, preferred color, contact info, and logo so that we can create them from scratch and print them for you. If you already have a file to print, just send it to us, list the stationery items you want, and get them at your door.

What Is Personalized Stationery?

Personalized stationery is a set of communicative papers including your visual identities like name, color, brand, and logo. It makes your correspondence unique, consistent and tailored to your particular needs. From business cards to brochures and letterheads, you can personalize every stationery item.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Prints?

It typically takes one day to get your prints at the door. But rush orders can be ready the same day, providing that you submit your order before 12. If you want design and print services, it might take between 1 to 3 days, depending on the project.

Is It Cheaper to Order Stationery Items in Bulk?

It’s cheaper to order stationery items in bulk due to less material waste and shipping costs. Also, companies usually give you a discount when you request a higher amount of something. For example, our starter package includes 250 business cards, with each item about 156 cents, while the ultimate package (1000 business cards) drops that number to 12!

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